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CHTU Update - October 2, 2019

Dear Colleagues.
Here are several interesting items.
Voter Registration:  Check your voting info through your county board of elections to ensure you are still registered after the latest purges.  You may register to vote through October 7 - and it can be done electronically.
Cuyahoga County:  (link)
Lorain County: (link)
Geauga County:  (link)
Portage County:  (link)
Summit County:  (link)

Supplemental Contracts:  Many were approved at the Board Meeting (link) last night if you are waiting to get paid for the work you are already performing. 
Tenure:  If you believe you will become eligible for Tenure (continuing contract) during this school year then you should let your supervisor know.  Not sure if you are eligible?  Read #13 in our General FAQ: (link)
Coursework Through OFT:  All OFT members are eligible to take online courses through a partnership with Ursuline College and Virtual Education Software (VESi).  For $225 per year members can take up to three courses per year (one per term) from 29 courses offered.  All info is linked here (link).  If you decide to sign up you will need your AFT number, which is listed on your CHTU membership card.
COPE:  Building stewards and their teams will be asking members to contribute to our Committee of Political Education (COPE).  These voluntarily payroll deductions help us have a voice at all levels of politics.  Thank you if you are already contributing - please consider increasing your biweekly amount.  It makes a difference.
Make A Wish:  We are getting close to our goal. Thank you to everyone!!  We have almost reached $8,500. Link here to donate (link).
In Union,
Ari Klein
CHTU President

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