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Current Executive Board Update

Dear Colleagues,

This Thursday we will have our November Executive Board meeting at 4:30 through Zoom.  All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.  On our agenda we will discuss SCOC concerns, the selling our vintage shirts, new logo apparel, CHTU gives back campaign among many other items.  Next week we have our compensatory on Wednesday and Thanksgiving break Thursday and Friday.  I hope you spend this time with your family and friends doing what gives you the rest and relaxation you so greatly deserve.  We encourage all of you to pause your school email inbox and take a true break.



Dear Colleagues,

Tomorrow will have our second virtual Executive Board meeting of the year.  The meeting will begin at 4:30 on Zoom.  Please consider joining us as we discuss so many important issues that all of you are working through every day. We continue to work through the concerns that our staff and students are dealing with this year more than ever before.  Friday is our virtual happy hour from 5-6.  Congratulations to all the winners of the raffle.  The names of the winners were notified via email yesterday.  We have more prizes to give away including a grand prize that you need to be


Cleveland Heights Teachers Union

Executive Board Meeting

Thursday, November, 18, 2021

4:30 P.M. Zoom


Officers:  K. Rego, T. Underhile, T. Gray, C. Pavel, T. Reynolds, D. Lausche,, B. Ammon,  J. Bennet, D. Frost (M)

High School (HH): J. Boris, Greg Nachman, V. Larkins-Forte, M. Mrazek, H. Rasul, Q. Tucker (HH)

Middle School:  L. Lorek (M), M. Searcy (M), M. Friedman (R), D. Hershmann-Rossi (R), W. Ward-Price (R), J. Shelton-Townes,

Elementary: G. Gee (F), N. Davis (C), T. White (N), K. Hodson (O), D. Hirsch (RE), A. Klein, D. MacDonald (Ret), M. Mazzone (St.Serv)

Absent:  N. Williams, G


Cleveland Heights Teachers Union

Executive Board Meeting

Thursday, October 21, 2021

4:30 P.M. Zoom


  • Officers:  K. Rego, T. Underhile, T. Gray, C. Pavel, D. Frost, T. Reynolds, D. Lausche, J. Bennett, J. Shelton-Townes
  • High School (HH):  V. Larkins-Forte, Q. Tucker,  G. Nachman (HH), Haethum Rasul, Gary Wroboleski, 
  • Middle School:  M. Searcy (M), L. Lorek (M), B.Ammon (M), M. Friedman (R)), W. Ward, 
  • Elementary:   N. Davis (C), G. Gee (F), S. Malek (G), T. White (N), K. Hodson (O), D. Hirsch (RE), 
  •  K. Cooper (Delisle), A. Klein, T. Schmida, , M. Mazzone (St.Serv)

Absent: J. Boris (HH), S


Executive Board meeting Dates.  Locations are tentative.


Pre-meeting Recognitions

Ellen Krebs Award

Tom Schmida Award

Swearing in of new officers

2021 Retirees (list)

Glenn Altschuld Scholarship Raffle

Executive Board Meeting Agenda

May 20, 2021

4:30 PM virtual


  1. Call to Order - Roll Call 

  2. Secretary’s Minutes

  3. Officers’ Reports:

    1. Divisional Vice Presidents

    2. President- Steward/TAP names

    3. Vice-President-Coventry Kids, Redistricting Forum (link to register)

  4.  Action Items
          a. Constitutional Amendment (link)
                      b. 2021-22 Budget- (link)

  5. Old Business

    1. Safety Protocols

    2. Committee Updates

    3. PBIS/TAP

  6. New Business

    1. Other New Business