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Health Corner

An overlooked benefit that can save members on common expenses. Child care and medical expenditures not covered by insurance can be paid out pre-tax with money deducted from paychecks.  Applications are sent via school email at the end of November and are due at the beginning of December each year.


Medical Mutual and Medco mail order Forms available online. Download and print them yourself.  Also available FMLA forms.


To request accommodations through the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) based on COVID-19 concerns.  

  1. Email Dr. Lombardo and copy  and request ADA paperwork based on Covid-19 concerns.  You are not required to disclose your health issue.

  2. HR will email back a packet of information.  Call or visit your doctor.  Explain that you will need a note explaining in detail the accommodations that you will need i.e. teaching or providing services to students remotely.  Provide your doctor with the 12 page packet from Dr. Lombardo.

  3. Email Dr. Lombardo your doctor’s note and copy krego@chtu


Below are the guidelines for both health care and dependent care FSA.  It can be a little tricky how it all comes together and the nuances between health care and dependent care, so I recommend that members contact MMO’s FSA folks directly with their specific account situations.   Customer Care #:  800-525-9252

1.     Health Care FSA - has a $500 carryover provision

a.      Claim filing period:  members have until March 31st of each year to submit claims from the prior year

                                                             i.      For example, 3/31/21 was the deadline to submit 2020


Here are some examples that help explain how copays, coinsurance and deductibles are computed that you might see on the Medical Mutual app or on your account on

We have individual deductibles on our medical plan of $100 with a $200 max for a family.  In this example you can see that the family deductible has been met and coinsurance has been required on at least one claim.  The coinsurance maximum of $800 family is also displayed.

In this example $609 was billed, but medical mutual only agreed to pay $339.21 ($609 charge - $269.79 discount).

The $100 deductible applied first


Dr. Vanderhoff's, Director of the Ohio Department of Health, presentation on Covid vaccine
PDF iconvaccine_safety_presentation_final__020421.pdf


Insurance Basics:




Current plan

Through December 31

No out of pocket expenses except for current co-pays for prescriptions.

Current premiums

Through March 1

$700 single/$1,850 family annually

Board’s Imposed Plan Design

January 1- January 31 or

January 1 - February 28.
We will inform you when that change occurs as it is based on Medical Mutual’s ability to switch.

Deductible: $100/$200

Co-insurance (90%/10%): $500/$1,000

Co-pays: $20 per office visit/urgent care visit

Max out of pocket: $600/$1,200

Prescriptions:  Members who continue to fill a brand name prescription when a generic is available


Understanding Insurance Terms

DEDUCTIBLE ($100 Single/$200 Family)

The amount you are required pay for health care services before the health plan begins to pay for certain medical services. Deductibles are based upon a calendar year, which means each January 1 your deductible amount starts over.

No one person covered under a family contract will have a greater Deductible than an individual with single coverage. All family members combined would not pay more than the stated family deductible, even if no family member meets the single deductible. This means the family deductible could be met by


If you set up a Flexible Spending Account (FSA 125) then here are directions on how to make a claim.

(March 2020)

How to Access Your FSA- Non-MMO health plan members

For full online access to your FSA, including claims and balance information, contributions and important forms, you’ll need to create a new account or log in to your existing account. You can create an account by following these instructions:

1.     Visit

2.     Click Register in the upper right to set up your personal account.

3.     Complete the registration process.

During the online registration process