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CHTU Updates

Dear Colleagues,

Kindergarten teachers are meeting next week to modify their assessment calendar.  This is a huge success.  Thanks to all who showed support.  When we stand as one we are stronger.
The first two weeks of December are the enrollment period for Flexible Spending Accounts for the 2019 calendar year.  This means you can lower your taxable income for eligible expenses.  One part is for eligible child/elder care - why not pay for that expense pre-tax?  The other part is for unpaid out of pocket medical expenses.  For instance, lasik surgery, orthodontia or dental work over our $3,300

Dear Colleagues,

If you did not figure it out from the results on Tuesday, Ohio is no longer a purple state.  We are going to continue to struggle in public education until things change.

The Democratic statewide ticket went down even though we had great candidates.  It is interesting to me that Sherrod Brown won overwhelmingly, and the same people voted for Mike Dewine for Governor.  There is no sense to this.

Ohio House Republicans still have a super majority, even though the Dems picked up a few seats (62 - 37). The Ohio Senate continues to be 25-8.

Gerrymandering works.

A bright spot is that


October 12, 2018

Brothers and Sisters:

Last Tuesday after school I drove to Summit Academy in Parma.  This was in response to a notice that our union circulated about the teachers there who are working to establish their AFT/OFT local and negotiate a contract.  Ari and Dan MacDonald also showed up, as did people from the Cleveland and Berea locals and Melissa Cropper, others from OFT headquarters and representatives from other labor unions.

To be honest, the number of supporters was not all that great but the Summit Academy teachers and parents were very grateful.  I’ve seen before that


Dear Colleagues,

Here are a few tidbits:
1)  The Make-A-Wish walk is tomorrow.  Please consider contributing to our goal of $10,000.  We are currently just below $8,300. Thanks to everyone participating and/or donating (link)
2)  Tuesday, October 9 at 4:30:  Meet at 5868 Stumph Road followed by a 5:30 board meeting. Help pressure Summit Academy to work with teachers to finish writing their first contract.
3)  Sunday, October 14 at 6:30 PM.  Enjoy "Sweat" at the Cleveland Playhouse for only $10.  
This is a great play which accurately and poignantly captures the social dimension of what it is like

Dear Colleagues,

The Summit Academy staff in Parma voted last year to form a union through the Ohio Federation of Teachers.  Since that time they have been battling to their first contract.  Imagine having 14 years of experience and earn only $39,100 - that is what they can look forward to now!  (Link here to article with more info)
Please join me for a rally in Parma at 4:30 next Tuesday, October 9 at 5868 Stumph Road followed by a 5:30 board meeting.  Our goal is to pressure their management company into sealing the deal and finishing the contract so it can be voted on.
Please help support

Dear Colleagues,

3 things to know:
TRANSCRIPTS: Teachers ready to move across a salary lane from college hours earned need to get official transcripts to HR by September 15 for the bump to happen for this school year.  The next deadline is January 15 for the second half of the year.

UNION PLUS SCHOLARSHIP applications for 2019 are now available.  Members (of at least 1 year), spouses, and dependent children are eligible for these one-year awards of $500 to $4,000 for studies starting Fall 2019. 


Check out all the AFT family members who were winners in 2018.

Dear Colleagues,
My sympathies for anyone working in a building without air conditioning.  Hopefully this heat will break tomorrow and we will get some relief. We have asked administration to create procedures around heat index days and so far they have refused to consider it.
Personal Days
The only time members need permission to take a personal day is when it occurs directly before or after a school vacation day.  Examples: The Friday before Labor Day, the Tuesday after Labor Day, The day before and after Rosh Hashana, etc. Details on how to ask permission and how much to disclose are found at


 ARC (Appraisal Review Committee): First meeting is set for August 27th

COMMUNITY IN SCHOOLS TASK FORCE:  A coordinator position was posted over the summer to head up our community in schools programs.  No one has been hired yet.

CUYAHOGA COUNTY EDUCATORS SUMMIT:  The CCES has been invited to meet with state candidates at a September 17 Northeast Ohio Education Association event.  CHTU Immediate Past President Tom Schmida is serving on the CCES Steering Committee.

DISCIPLINE: The Student Code of Conduct should be rolling out sometime during this school year.  The district is


Dear Colleagues,

The pay stub for August 17 represents the last pay for the 2017-18 school year.  You may have noticed that the sick and personal balances have not changed since June.  This is a mistake that I have been told they are working on.
We should see 9.375 hours (1.25 days) added every month (including July and August)
22.5 hours (3 days) of personal leave get added in the beginning of the a new school year - the August 31 pay.
Any personal leave balance over 37.5 hours (5 days) should carry over into sick leave.
Additionally, the next pay - August 31, is the first pay of the new

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome back to the 2018-19 school year. Still feels like summer to me, somehow.

CHTU Shirts on Friday

Many of you have stopped by the office if you needed a new Union T-Shirt or wanted to buy our 50/50 embroidered Polo.  We believe that showing solidarity with colleagues across the district at convocation is important - especially in a negotiations year.  I hope that all of you with school or tigernation garb wear it on Monday to show your students that the building has a unified purpose.


The biggest buzz on our buzzmeter lately has been about refrigerators in