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CHTU Updates

Dear Colleagues,


Welcome to a new school year.  I hope that you are all well rested and ready to meet the challenges that a new year brings.

Please save the dates:  
Sunday, September 3 from 1-5 at Forest Hills Park.  Join us for our first family picnic.

Wednesday, September 6:  AFT President Randi Weingarten will be visiting our district.  The schedule is being worked out.  All members are invited to come meet Randi after school - probably at the high school.  Let’s make sure she knows what Washington needs to hear as she advocates for us and all 1.5 million AFT members.

Sunday, September 24 from

Dear Colleagues,
We are sure everyone is enjoying time away from school. Here are a few things that are going on that you should know about.
School Board Race: Our Executive Board authorized officers and members of the mobilization team to endorse school board candidates over the summer. Our group met and agreed to fully endorse Dan Heintz for school board. We will meet for a second round to determine if there are other candidates to endorse.
Dan is a product our schools, has a kid in the schools currently, ran a business in Cleveland Heights, but has been teaching middle school social studies in

Dear Colleagues,

Its finally summer.  I believe we are all happy this particular school year is over.  We have been collecting your stories and thoughts about our treatment and are in the process of compiling them for an Administration Union Concern over low morale. 
Congratulations to the following initial and renewed Master Teachers.  It is a real accomplishment!
Patrick Carpenter - Oxford Elementary
Mark Dougherty - Roxboro Middle School
Sarah Parker - Heights High School
Leslie Garrett - Monticello Middle School
Joyce Bukovac - Heights High School
Nancy Eisenberg - Heights High

Dear Colleagues,

Hopefully you have had a great weekend and are not reading this until Monday.

Two areas to report on:  Last Day Procedures and Insurance Improvements:

Starting this year, teachers do not have to come to work on the last contractual day.  Each building has a checklist and everyone should be able to be done on June 1.


In elementary there were some special concerns based on what was expected in the past at different buildings.  Today at Summit the following was sent to all elementary principals.  (The parenthetical statements are my comments)

·  All teachers will


Dear Monitor Colleagues,
Well, the administration seems to be trying the "nuclear option" for monitor lay-offs this year.  The slightly good news is that they could have reduced 9 positions and ONLY did 7.

Here are the issues we are having:
1)  The contract is still not resolved. Instead of moving directly to arbitration we asked to have another negotiations session to see if we could clear things up.  We meet with a smaller team on May 11.  CHTU will be represented by Randy Stokes, Steward for Monitors, President Klein, 1st VP Karen Rego, and 2nd VP Tamar Gray.  I only expect 1 session and then


Dear Colleagues,
Yesterday, administration cut 13 Teaching positions resulting in the lay off of 9 people (retirements, resignations, and transfers helped reduce the number of people affected).  They also reduced 7 monitor positions affecting 6 people.  5 of the teacher positions and 1 monitor position were cut because our district will not be servicing Bellefaire school.

Elementaries will be adding staff.  The Middle Schools are losing 2 English positions and 1 Spanish position.  The High School is losing positions in Math, English, Science, and 2 in Social Studies.
Three elementary schools will


Dear Colleagues,

As many you are aware we participated in a step 3 grievance mediation over concerns around the district’s use of personnel files.

The issues:

Our contract states that if material of a derogatory nature is to be placed in a member’s personnel file that there are certain conditions that need to be met.  The material needs to indicate “cc: personnel file.” and there should be an acknowledgment by the member that they know the material is being placed in the official personnel file.  In practical terms, there should be a meeting where the member signs off that they were made aware.



Dear Colleagues,
A few reminders:

1) PERSONAL LEAVE BEFORE/AFTER A VACATION DAY:  If you need a personal day on February 17 or 21 then you should put in a request to Dr. Lombardo as soon as possible.  (see our FAQ if you need help:

2)  MEMBERSHIP MEETING/CONTRACT VOTE:  Please plan on attending our membership meeting on February 7 @ 4 pm at Forest Hills Church (3031 Monticello Blvd - at Lee Blvd and Monticello).  Please consider carpooling to the meeting if convenient.  There is also parking available across Lee in


Dear Colleagues,

How many of the following statements do you agree with?

  • Despite their lofty slogans, the corporate education policies mostly did  more harm than good.
  • Kids are not cars, and great development and learning do not work like manufacturing
  • Schools and society must be organized around caring for people and the planet.
  • Elimination of high-stakes standardized testing in PK-12 schooling
  • More emphasis on respecting teacher professionalism, using democratic decision-making processes, and involving students and families in shaping the educational process.

These statements are from the first


Dear Colleagues,


So far I have tried to lay out what we have agreed upon in negotiations as well as some areas where we have differences.  Specifically, in the last update I spoke to evaluation, training, and time.

In November we helped pass a 5.5 mill levy for school operating funds.  Those additional dollars, over $5 million per year, will start to be collected in January 2017.  Surprisingly, when we returned to the bargaining table at the end of November we were informed by Treasurer Gainer that the district does not have any money.  In fact, it would be all they could do to scrape by