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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a counselor, social worker, nurse, school psychologist, SLP, OT, or any other position that is in Local 795 and not responsible for your own classroom, then you may have some specific contractual questions that differ from those of classroom teachers.  Here is a start at trying to address some of these questions. Please contact Ari Klein ( or Josephine Shelton-Townes ( if you would like us to consider adding other questions to this list.

Why am I called a “Teacher?”

Everyone represented by our contract is considered a “Teacher” even though we all play


Our disability income plan provides $450 per month after a 30 day exclusion period if you are unable to work due to a disabling condition.  Payments continue until age 65 or until you return to work. Life insurance premium is waived during the period of disability.

Life Insurance Coverage - $63,000, while employed or until age 65 if you are under waiver of premium because of a disability.

Our Union administers both plans so claims are filed directly with the Union Office.

If you have an interest in adding to your life insurance, contact our office.


Personal Leave:

Personal leave is earned under our contract and should be used for events and situations that are emergencies or cannot be rescheduled.  No approval is required for you to use personal leave except when it is taken around a school vacation period (before and after Labor Day, Rosh  Hashana, the first day of work, etc).  You “request” personal leave by putting it into Aesop so the district can find a sub if you need one.  Whenever feasible, you should put in for personal leave at least one week in advance.

Personal leave can be declined in two situations.  First, you ask for


What to do in the case of a workplace injury

Most workplace injuries occur either as a result of an accident or through an assault.  There are similar steps that should be followed in either case.

First, the person injured needs to get medical attention.

As soon as possible the steward and building principal should be made aware of the incident.  The administration has a packet for such incidents that include paperwork to be filled out.  This can done online through this link to the district (LINK)

Incident report – this report is an accounting by the injured person of what happened.  It should be


What is the Employee Code of Conduct?

In spring 2015 a company was hired by the district to help implement a standard system for dealing with employee conduct.  The problem has always been that there is little consistency case to case, building to building concerning how employees are held accountable for following board policy, state and federal law, and our contract.  If there is an infraction in one building it might be ignored and in another there could be a reprimand.  The district believes there should be consistency in expectation of employee behavior and a consistent disciplinary


What is FMLA?

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a 1993 federal law that provides up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave for eligible employees if they are unable to work due to illness or to care for a family member suffering from a serious health condition. Under the FMLA, insurance benefits continue without interruption or additional cost to the employee for up to twelve weeks.

How do I know if I am eligible to use FMLA?

If you have worked in the CH-UH school district for one year, you are eligible. Part time employees who worked less than 1250 hours in a year are not eligible for FMLA leave.



Some of the items on your pay stub:

Period End:  this is the day that sick leave is counted through.  When the stub states 09/07/2013 for the "Date" of 09/20/2013 it means that sick and personal leave are for days absent up to 09/07/2013.

Use Sick Bal and Use Per Lv Bal:  7.5/302.4  The first number is how many days you used up during the 2 week period ending on the Period End date.  The second number is your remaining balance as of the period date.  Remember to divide by 7.5 hours to convert into days.

Service Days:  010/011  The first number is how many days the current pay covers.  The second


Basic Schedules:

Elementary:  No more than one TBT or grade level team meeting shall be schedule per week for elementary staffs.  For each elementary teacher there shall be a minimum of 205 minutes per week during the student day excluding lunch for planning.

Middle School: 42 minute planning/TBT/collaboration period daily, 42 minute lunch, 6 periods of classes.  This does not mean a TBT every day, it means that there is an opportunity if teachers decide to use their time that way, but there will be one or two official TBTs.

High School: For each high school teacher, there shall be an 8


Explanation of all our different types of leave and how to use them.


Inequities, Leaves of all sorts, My principal is calling me to a meeting, Parents in the classroom, I have a problem with another member.