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CHTU Update - October 19, 2021

Good afternoon colleagues,

Fall is finally here, so hopefully our buildings without air conditioning are finally getting some relief.  We wanted to send out a few updates for you before the week comes to a close.

Virtual Happy Hour

Our CHTU Virtual Happy Hour is this Friday, October 22 from 5-6.  Please join us by using this zoom link.

We completed the drawing for our Virtual Happy Hour Raffle today.  Congratulations to the 29 members who won one of our prizes.

Anna Kiss

Allison Craig

Joseph Onk

Alisha Schnupp

CHTU Update - 10/15/2021

Dear Colleagues,

This week has been full of challenges as we continue to navigate what has become the most challenging teaching year for all of us.  All of you are working hard every day to overcome these challenges.  We recognize your efforts and know that you are doing your very best for your students.

Virtual Happy Hour

CHTU Update - 9/13/2021

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you are all finally settling into your routines as we approach the first progress reporting period  of the school year.  A week ago it seemed there was no chance we would shut down  or move to  virtual instruction.  A week later districts around us, as well as  our own, are making contingency plans in the event we shut down in person teaching and go virtual.  

Covid Protocols

CHTU Update 6/30/20

I hope you are all enjoying your summer as we quickly approach the 4th of July weekend.  We have a lot going on here at the office between negotiations, re-entry plans and member issues.

CHTU Update 9/2/2022

Dear Colleagues,

If you are feeling anything like I am, you are ready for a 3 day weekend, especially after enduring the temperatures in many of our buildings.  There seems to be two extremes: 40 degrees or 90 degrees.  I will never understand why climate control can’t be a priority in our schools.