CHTU Updates

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CHTU Update March 19, 2018 - Show up at the March 20 BOE meeting

Dear Colleagues,

The conditions for learning and teaching at the middle school have been challenging this year.  We have filed an administration union concern, met with administrators and recently filed a grievance over the lack of responsiveness to referrals and lack of consistent follow through in order to create an orderly environment.

CHTU Update - January 9, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

I am hopeful that you had a wonderful winter break.

Bacterial Meningitis - as many you know we have a middle school colleague who contracted this deadly disease during the break.  Please keep this family in your thoughts.

CHTU Update - November 15, 2017 - Call the House

Dear Colleagues,
We need you to make a simple phone call.  Read below from North Shore AFL-CIO.
There are so many things wrong with the proposed tax cuts.  In the end, it will cost middle class working families more.  We lose deductions for student loan interest, teacher out of pocket classroom supplies, and it hurts our pension system through a new taxation that will reduce revenue.